Midwest Auto Alliance
Bringing together clubs and enthusiast groups across the Midwest

Clubs and Groups

Midwest Auto Alliance hopes to be able to help individual clubs and groups grow through collaboration and events. Every group wants to grow in numbers, but getting the word out is sometime difficult. That's where Midwest Auto Alliance come in. Our goal is to tell people about all the groups and clubs in the area to help people get involved in the automotive scene. Here they can see what clubs and groups are out there, and join what they feel would be suit them!

By registering your club with Midwest Auto Alliance, you will receive the following benefits:

Name Recognition (membership growth)

Relationship Leverage
Event Management
Membership in the Midwest Auto Alliance Council

Individual Membership in Midwest Auto Alliance

As a member of Midwest Auto Alliance, you will be able to find the perfect clubs or groups for you! Your benefits are:

See all the local events in one place

Local Sponsor Discounts
Membership Card